Comedy is a genre of non-fiction that usually includes works or discourses intended to be amusing or witty, usually by inducing humor, usually in live performance, comedy shows, film, TV, stand-up comedy, books, or other media. Comedy artists are those who perform comedy art in different forms such as stand-up comedy, improvisation, sketches, comedy clubs, and one liners.

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There has been no concrete set of standards for assessing the level of comedy as each artist may choose to tailor his approach to the style of delivery and feedback from the audience members. Comedy artists use a wide variety of verbal and non-verbal communication skills to entertain their audiences.

If you look at the two most popular genres of comedy, the traditional stand-up comedy and romantic comedy, you will see that the structure and content of each has a number of common elements. Both genres share the characteristic of using everyday objects as the vehicle for telling a story.

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The major difference between the two genres is that in the traditional comedy, the story is told through the actions of the comedian rather than using a plot or a background actor. In the romantic comedy the subject is normally a romantic relationship. When comparing these two styles of comedy the comedy that is closest to tragedy is the tragic comedy because it deals mainly with loss and grief and the comedy that is most similar to the romantic comedy is the comedy of boredom and woe.

Comedy is of varying types. Some kinds are humorous, others vulgar and some contain many social issues like political, social, economical and sexual content. Humor is a free-flowing form of communication through visual displays, spoken words and sometimes through physical gestures, that makes the audience take a step back and have a second look at the situation. Comedy is an amalgamation of irony and sincerity and comedy artists are able to make anyone laugh without the need to go into too much detail.

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