Standup comedy is an art and story craft through which a comedian tells a short story to an audience, sharing with them through a microphone on stage. The performer, also known as a comedian, stand-ups by definition stand-down comedian, standup comedian, comic, standup artist, standup writer, or just a standup is usually known as a standup comedy magician, standup comedian or just simply standup comedian. Comedy is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. The word “comedy” was derived from the Greek term meaning “action”. Comedy is one of the earliest forms of artistic communication.

Echoe Matthews comedy art

Comedy artists tell tales or perform acts based on current events or issues in their lives. As such, standup comedy artists are considered “theaters” or “theaters of the human mind”. Standup comics are usually very funny and often times very rude. A standup comedy artist can create a one liner that is very humorous and usually has a few punch lines to deliver a quick pitch. There is no subject too stupid or too broad for a standup comedy artist to draw a complete line of thought or delivery. Standup comedians usually have a set list of subjects that they will draw from, one topic at a time, often combining different subjects into one joke.

Standup comedians are not the most accomplished comedians out there by any stretch of the imagination but are by far some of the most versatile. Many of today’s most popular TV shows were started or developed by standup comedians. Most standup comedy artists will tell you that their favorite part of standup comedy is when they are asked to do a one liner and they are able to integrate that one liner into an entire act, a story, a routine, a play, almost anything. The audience is either sitting or standing and often times there are several people in the audience. The comedian can really drive the crowd mad with what they are saying or just amuse them. It is all up to the master of comedy.

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